guitar chord progressions

Guitar Chord Progressions (5 of 6) - Vive La Difference!

Hi, and welcome to this, the fifth in our series of lessons about guitar chord progressions especially focusing on ways of revealing how things are connected with each other.

In our last lesson, we asked, "What do two chords already have in common?" But what do we do when two chords don't really have any elements in common or they have some elements in common and some elements that are not in common? Well, in this case, we can shift the question a little bit and ask, "What two elements or what elements of these two chords are most closely related?"

For example, in the guitar chord progression between G major and A minor, there are no common tones but there are a few closely related tones like the B to C, the G to A and the D to E. They're all just a single step away from each other so we can emphasize this proximity and that will draw out the connection between these two chords.

I have four simple ways of doing this. If you understand the principle behind these four ways, then you can take these four and make 10,000. Here they are for you.

First I call Step-up and it's as simple as [plays guitar], emphasizing one note and the one very close to it in the next chord. It could also be [plays guitar] or [plays guitar]. The second one I call Skip-up and Step Down so going from B to C, I'll skip over to C to D and come back and settle at C like [plays guitar]. Now we'll reverse that and step back down going from C to B or A to G for emphasis. Finally, we can skip down and then step back up like [plays guitar].

Those are four simple ways to illuminate the connection between things by way of their closely-related elements and as you explore this, I suggest that you make a parallel exploration in how this relates with people and your relationships with other people. Strike up a conversation with these ideas. You might be surprised with what happens.

So, if you like, share with people that you found a good thing. You can like this video. Subscribe to this channel. Share this video with your friends and people who you think would really appreciate these ideas for self-expression, confidence, fun in your music-playing and I will see you soon. Remember, enjoy learning.

Guitar chord progressions



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